Investing with Impact

Make a difference in the world while investing in your future.

Every client at Impact Capital Strategies (ICS) has an opportunity to align their values with their investment decisions. In the past, those who wanted their investments to reflect their social or environmental values had far fewer choices, most of them poor. We believe that has changed with the rise of socially responsible investing - and impact investing – all of which may allow investors to leverage the power of their investments for potential social good.

At ICS, we utilize investment strategies that assist our clients striving to make a meaningful difference in the world while investing in their financial future.


An investment’s social policy could cause it to forgo opportunities to gain exposure to certain industries, companies, sectors or regions of the economy which could cause it to underperform similar investments that do not operate under a social policy. Risks associated with investing in ESG-related strategies can also include a lack of consistency in approach and a lack of transparency in manager methodologies. A socially responsible investing style may shift in and out of favor.